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Havdalah Set with Jerusalem and Hamavdil in Nickel

This nickel Havdalah Set features an elaborate depiction of Jerusalem on the Kiddush Cup, spice holder and candleholder while the tray is engraved with the Hebrew words "Hamavdil Ben Kodesh LaChol".

The Hebrew text refers to the Havdalah, Hebrew for "Separation", separating Shabbat the holy from the beginning of the ordinary week, on Saturday night.

The Havdalah set consists of a Kiddush cup, spices or incense, and a multi-wick candle. Each item plays an important role in the ceremony: we fill the Kiddush cup with wine in order to give the ceremony the high status it merits. We smell the incense because of the Kabalistic belief that the sense of smell is the only sense that can affect our soul. Our soul, which is miserable as Shabbat leaves, is placated with pleasant aroma. Finally, we light the candle in remembrance of the first time Adam and Eve lit a fire using two stones.

This Jerusalem adorned Havdalah set will be a meaningful and marvelous wedding gift.
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Havdalah Set with Jerusalem and Hamavdil in Nickel

This elegant four piece Havdalah Set features a detailed depiction of the Old City of Jerusalem on the Kiddush Cup, spice holder also known as a "Besamim" holder and the candleholder. The tray of this Havdalah set features a floral pattern, pearl shapes and the Hebrew words "Hamavdil Bein Kodesh LaChol", which translates as "He who separates between the holy and mundane" and are the final four words said during the Havdalah ceremony.

This item is the perfect wedding fit for a lover of Israel!